Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am in Redmond now

Holy crap muffins on a stick, I'm already in Redmond, Washington! It is cold but less colder than other nights, and it had been raining (like finally) since I've arrived here more than a month ago. Loving the autumn though, we get none of these leaves back home. Anyways, updates!

A wip of a digital painting of Chris Evans that I've been working on recently.. not satisfied with the skin at all. Needs more colors.

Some sketches of Celestina, a character conjured up from my teenage hood. It feels good to draw old characters and improve on them! Was feeling melancholy when I was drawing these, hence her emotions. But pfft how generic are they? MORE EMOTIONS PLZ

And more sketches of old characters. Haven't touched these guys for a long time. That sounded wrong..

Some costume design for Celestina, through various periods of her life.

Just doodling. Girls with guns are awesome k.

More old characters! I must do a proper character sheet for them each one day.

I realised I never actually posted some ink and watercolor sketches that I did for an assignment, which is to do a comic base on the events of your life for the next one week. It was fun and my first time using watercolors and ink. Hopefully, I manage to convey some emotions through my panels.

Currently I'm in Digipen Redmond Campus now to finish up my PRJ450, and then it is back to Singapore I go thus ending my crazy 2 year stint in this school. 6 semesters squeezed into 2 years is really no joke, but I really learnt alot here. More updates soon!